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Confidence Boosters

Published March 7, 2017 by cynergy123

Great read!!!!

She Who Lives In Bliss

There are many many messages in the world that tell us we are not enough.  I was watching a talk show that talked about a new trend of tattooing freckles on the face because it gives a look of youthful innocence.  This was crazy to me because though I think freckles are cute, many people I know who actually have freckles don’t like them.  One of the hosts on the show brought up that we are often tricked into wanting the exact opposite of what we have.  Got curly hair? Better get it straightened. Talk a lot? Be more meek. Too quiet? Speak up! Curvy?  Lose some weight. Skinny? Let’s get you some butt and hip pads.

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In light of the constant assault on our self image I think its important that women regularly pay close attention to how we feel about ourselves.  Our confidence level is key to our…

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