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Back Together Again-Weeks 3, 4, &5!

Published November 7, 2013 by cynergy123

Oh how I have missed blogging. The past 3 weeks have been INCREDIBLY hard as far as song writing goes. I got a mild case of writers block that cleared, only to be followed by a massive case. Now, don’t get me wrong I wrote everyday …but the quality. Oh the poor poor quality. If I had to rhyme arms with charms just ONE. MORE. TIME! I was gonna scream!

“You got nice charrrrrms
You should wear them on your arrrrrms”

Ok maybe it wasn’t THAT bad but it felt like it. To dust a bit of the fog off I started to listen for music I like in unconventional places like commercials and those long hold messages when calling customer service (don’t judge me lol). I try not to listen to the words as much as I’m listening to the emotion of the music. I watched Janelle Monae perform on SNL and I was just blown away how much fun and excitement was in her music. Each moving part just seemed to be filled with joy. And I wanted THAT!

Leading up to that point, a lot if my songs were about romance, lost love and broken hearts. I’d sit and think for hours how to spin the subject matter so it’s not the same old tune. Then I remembered something my younger cousin, Shannon, said to me. We were talking in terms of fictional writing and she said that the characters we create are only limited by our own minds. They can do ANYTHING we will them to do. My songs, my music are limited to my perception and perspective. I can will them to say anything, but ultimately they’ll only say the things I’ve witnessed or have an understanding of.

With that said, I realize that I have to experience more in my life. Broaden my horizons. LEARN! MORE! And as I do more I will write more. I am so excited about this journey 🙂

God has TRULY blessed me. And I wholeheartedly thank Him for being Him and for loving me in spite of myself ❤