Complicated- Week 2

Published October 16, 2013 by cynergy123


Hola people! This week was soooo hard. I could not think of a theme to help guide me as I wrote. I’m telling you, this weeks writing was all over the place. In the midst of it all though, I did come up with 2 that I really like. And one of them I plan on sampling my all time favorite group, New Edition! I heart them so much ā¤

On night 3 of this past week I fell asleep writing one if my songs. And I had the worst night of sleep. I think my subconscious is vested in the song writing game now. All night I tossed and turned singing pieces of other songs I had written. I really need to break my late night writing habit.

I also got a chance to speak with one of my friends who is also a songwriter. I'm trying to convince her to do the challenge but I'm hoping this mention will guilt her into joining me šŸ˜€ ok maybe it won't but its worth a shot.

So as of this hour and day I am 15 songs in! Only 350 more to go. Man that sounds hard. Maybe to help with the themes, you, my readers can suggest a few that I just may use over the next year šŸ™‚

What themes do you suggest I write about?


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