Love is a Battlefield -Week 1

Published October 8, 2013 by cynergy123

As I said in last weeks post, I’ll be using weekly themes to keep me on task. This past week was supposed to be dedicated to an ex. He shall remain nameless so his head won’t explode from vanity. Besides, I can just keep them all wondering if I wrote about them during this endeavor.

As I began writing, it proved very difficult to write about a relationship. Some people keep journals and are pretty expressive but I. DO. NOT. Especially if I am hurt. I can shut things out of my mind to (try to) avoid the emotion. For me, trying to recapture an emotion (good or bad) in the form of a song was like trying to catch a leprechaun kissing a unicorn. Darn near impossible and uncomfortable once faced. Two of the songs I wrote best captured my emotions (Home is Where the Heart is & Happily Ever After). While most of the songs’ stories are exaggerated for effect, the sentiments behind them both were very intense. It felt very invigorating to find the words that fit my emotions.

About the other 5 songs….
Well two of them I am definitely not in love with and the other three still need work. I try not to go back to tinker with a song UNLESS the song I am working on for that day is finished. It can get very confusing melodically to try to double dip. I have been finishing my daily songs way too close to midnight and it’s left me little room to go back and edit :-/

But with that said…Week 1 is done! 7 songs are complete! I’m so excited because normally I can sit on a song for ages before I finish it. This exercise is truly pushing me.



One comment on “Love is a Battlefield -Week 1

  • I like the idea of keeping the exes guessing if the songs are about them, LOL You know you got them when your song plays on the radio and suddenly one day they call you out of the blue wanting to see how you doing, LMAO!!

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