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Complicated- Week 2

Published October 16, 2013 by cynergy123


Hola people! This week was soooo hard. I could not think of a theme to help guide me as I wrote. I’m telling you, this weeks writing was all over the place. In the midst of it all though, I did come up with 2 that I really like. And one of them I plan on sampling my all time favorite group, New Edition! I heart them so much ❤

On night 3 of this past week I fell asleep writing one if my songs. And I had the worst night of sleep. I think my subconscious is vested in the song writing game now. All night I tossed and turned singing pieces of other songs I had written. I really need to break my late night writing habit.

I also got a chance to speak with one of my friends who is also a songwriter. I'm trying to convince her to do the challenge but I'm hoping this mention will guilt her into joining me 😀 ok maybe it won't but its worth a shot.

So as of this hour and day I am 15 songs in! Only 350 more to go. Man that sounds hard. Maybe to help with the themes, you, my readers can suggest a few that I just may use over the next year 🙂

What themes do you suggest I write about?


Love is a Battlefield -Week 1

Published October 8, 2013 by cynergy123

As I said in last weeks post, I’ll be using weekly themes to keep me on task. This past week was supposed to be dedicated to an ex. He shall remain nameless so his head won’t explode from vanity. Besides, I can just keep them all wondering if I wrote about them during this endeavor.

As I began writing, it proved very difficult to write about a relationship. Some people keep journals and are pretty expressive but I. DO. NOT. Especially if I am hurt. I can shut things out of my mind to (try to) avoid the emotion. For me, trying to recapture an emotion (good or bad) in the form of a song was like trying to catch a leprechaun kissing a unicorn. Darn near impossible and uncomfortable once faced. Two of the songs I wrote best captured my emotions (Home is Where the Heart is & Happily Ever After). While most of the songs’ stories are exaggerated for effect, the sentiments behind them both were very intense. It felt very invigorating to find the words that fit my emotions.

About the other 5 songs….
Well two of them I am definitely not in love with and the other three still need work. I try not to go back to tinker with a song UNLESS the song I am working on for that day is finished. It can get very confusing melodically to try to double dip. I have been finishing my daily songs way too close to midnight and it’s left me little room to go back and edit :-/

But with that said…Week 1 is done! 7 songs are complete! I’m so excited because normally I can sit on a song for ages before I finish it. This exercise is truly pushing me.


365 days of me….

Published October 3, 2013 by cynergy123


As much as I (semi) love social networking and writing, I have always shied away from blogging. Constantly keeping myself occupied with questions: What would I blog about? Who would want to read about my everyday life? Why are high heels getting to be so high??? Then i realized that all of those questions were based in fear. A fear of being judged, misunderstood, a fear of falling down after taking two steps in a shoe store.

I think I have finally figured it out though. I have always been fascinated by people who embark on large tasks to take over in a year. Like the one featured in “Julie and Julia”. A woman dedicated to cooking all of the recipes in a Julia Child’s cookbook in 365 days. Recently I began following a blogger who baked everyday for a year. I LOVE to cook so both of these seem so awesome. But every year I find myself tied to a goal that I just don’t make. NaNoWriMo, reading the Bible in a year- both of which I fully intend to complete someday… But the point is I like the idea of goal setting and the time lines.
Quite strange for a self diagnosed commitment-phobe :-/

So I had to think what can I do in a year that will get me closer to my personal AND professional goals and I have come up with (drum roll please).…………


I am going to write a song every day for 1 year. 365 melodies. I will try to stick to themes for each week as not to get too overwhelmed by the task. And either I will be labeled a genius or I will end up remixing the theme from Barney 7 different ways in order to just say I wrote something
“Yo boo, I love you!
Yo boo, you love me!
We, wiggy wiggy we we are one big hip hop family!”

DONT STEAL THAT! I might be working with it come week 35.
I’ll be blogging about my writings weekly in order to record my journey. Oh Lord! That’s 2 commitments I am anchored to now. We shall see how this goes……